Remain Relevant

To be relevant to clients you have to be relevant to their world.
All of their world.

Remain Relevant

Traditional business thinking says that a company will be successful if it has a great value proposition. In this age of massive consumer buying choices and immediately shared rating within a client culture, going to market on value alone risks that a company will be perceived as a commodity. The companies that will be the most successful will go to market on both value and relevance.

The world is complex. There’s a lot happening in it and it happens to your clients. If your company only wants to be relevant to them when you’re trying to sell something and they’re somewhat interested in buying it, okay. But that means you are choosing to be irrelevant to them for the rest of the time, which is a dangerous strategy.

Your company may understandably want to stop short of taking a social activism position on world events, but your client experience can still reflect an understanding that the world exists beyond the company-client relationship. It can show some attitude about what is beautiful about the human condition and make some comment about when that human condition is despairing to any reasonable human being. After all, people don’t trust companies, they trust people.

Always Do This

  • Take a social (humanistic, not political) stand on world events that significantly affect your clients’ lives. Don’t pretend that the world isn’t happening outside of your company.
  • For B2B clients, offer support – empathy, insight, solutions, community -- for urgent and chronic business issues.
  • For B2C clients, offer support for issues that affect clients’ lives, above and beyond their business with your company.

Remain Relevant

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