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Enhance what your customers understand about your business,
and they'll grant you credibility for what they don't.

Focus on the Field of Awareness

You may understand your business very well, and marvel at the intelligence, discipline and complex mechanisms required to deliver it to your customers. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean your customers always understand these things or attach any importance to them.

Your customers are neither as knowledgeable about, nor infatuated by, your organization it is. The strategies that sound urgent and glorious in your conference rooms will often fail to even attract the notice of your customers in their own world. What your customers do understand and appreciate is what is most relevant to them, especially when they can compare and contrast quality between your company's version and other experiences.

The key is to focus on what your customers will immediately notice and care about – what they’ve seen before in the experience of buying on behalf of the enterprise and as a consumer themselves. Focus on what they do understand and they’ll grant you credibility for everything they don’t.

Always Ask Yourself This

  • What do your customers care most about in their experience?
  • What can they most easily understand in the experience?
  • What in the experience would they be able to differentiate between typically (poorly) done by others or spectacularly well done by you?

Always Do This

  • Focus highlights of the customer experience on the fields of awareness.